Don’t believe senators’ excuses

(Idaho Freedom Foundation) Idaho state senators who voted to table a House-passed resolution that would have ended Gov. Brad Little’s Covid emergency have stepped forward with some embarrassingly ridiculous excuses for their cowardice.

My favorite of these is “ending Gov. Little’s emergency order would not change anything.” Well that’s an interesting, and new, observation. This comment made its debut after the Senate vote. As much as it is new, it’s also wrong. Every two weeks since March, the governor has wielded his emergency authority like a hammer. With each drop, the hammer nailed shut vast sections of the Gem State economy or specific enterprises based solely on healthcare data and state government “experts” analysis of the same.

Imagine being a business owner trying to make hiring or capital investment decisions while living under such political conditions.  (Read More)

Reminder, you can always contact your Senators and let them know that you disagree with their decision and are disappointed in their lack of proper representation of the people they serve.