House Democrats Go Low, Aim Hyde

(FRC) How do you stop people from fighting an unpopular political agenda? Well, if you’re a House Democrat, you turn it into a race debate. Based on their latest comments, that’s how the far-Left has decided to tackle the country’s objections to taxpayer-funded abortion. Their goal is to frame it as an issue of injustice, so that even if people don’t agree with it, they’ll be too scared of being labeled to push back. But after 43 years of this bright red line called the Hyde amendment, will Americans really be so quick to cross it?

“It’s an issue of discrimination,” Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) insisted, “against low-income women, women of color…” She, like other female Democrats, is starting the drumbeat for next year’s Congress, when her caucus plans to stop supporting one of the only true legislative compromises left in D.C.: the ban on taxpayer-funded abortion.  (Read More)