Protesters Chanting ‘Death to America’ … IN AMERICA!

(Todd Starnes) Videos emerged on social that showed protesters chanting, “Death to America,” and the footage did not take place in downtown Tehran, but rather the streets of an American city.

Jason Howerton of the Blaze posted the video on Twitter and wrote, “The left has created a monster that they have lost complete control of…I never thought I’d see people chanting “death to America” in the streets of America.”

Reports indicated that the footage was shot on the streets of Oakland, Calif., during a recent night of unrest. This is not an isolated incident of protestors taking direct aim at the country. American flags have been burned at several protests and at least one video emerged out of Kenosha, Wis., that showed a woman yelling, “Death to America” outside the city’s county courthouse as a flag burned.  (Read More)