Radical Leftist Media Plays to the Communist Crowd

(Redoubt News) I don’t normally respond to Left-Wing Extremists articles by the Biased Main Stream Media (MSM), but I occasionally make exceptions.

The Editorial Board of the Idaho Statesman recently published their opinions in an article titled: Vigilante shooting is a warning to Idaho about militias as ‘protectors’

The shooting in Kenosha Wisconsin was the excuse they needed to reflect on the good people of Idaho standing up and protecting themselves and their neighbors, however, the editorial board missed the mark by a long-shot.

Using a riot that took place nearly 2,000 miles away, they decided this was enough of an excuse to call law abiding Idahoans “vigilantes”. I guess they would rather see Antifa and Communists sympathizers riot in the streets of Idaho than have peace in our state.  (Read More)