What Biden and Harris Stand For is Horrifying: Ripping Babies Limb From Limb in Abortions

(LifeNews) Was I reading The Washington Post or The Onion? This week, DC’s leading newspaper wrote about Republican and Democratic positions on abortion in the context of describing one voter’s choice between voting for Donald Trump or Joe Biden. That voter, New Jersey mother Gia Capriotti, does not like President Trump personally but finds former Vice President Joe Biden’s position on abortion to be simply untenable.

Capriotti shares, “What Biden and Harris stand for — that’s horrifying. A woman seven months pregnant — that baby is experiencing pain and being ripped limb from limb. That’s torture.” She’s right.

Studies have repeatedly shown that not only are children capable of feeling pain from late-term abortions but that these elective abortions of viable children are nearly 100 times more likely to result in their mothers’ death than a first-trimester abortion.  (Read More)