Coronavirus Vaccines Should Not be Made Using Cells From Babies Killed in Abortions

(LifeNews) COVID-19 has brought many challenges to us all—medical, ethical, societal. It has also intensified and sharpened the focus of some ongoing bioethical challenges, especially regarding fetal tissue research and the related topic of abortion-derived cell lines and vaccine production. We looked at both of these issues in the spring of 2020, early in the COVID-19 pandemic. Time for some updates, new information and analysis.

In March, we looked at the continuing controversy of fetal tissue research, especially with regard to the science and federal taxpayer funding of research with fetal tissue from ongoing abortion. Pro-abortion advocates including some scientists continue to claim that fetal tissue research saves lives and is vital to medical research, yet those claims for fetal tissue are specious and have been repeatedly proven false.  (Read More)