Kristallnacht Has Come To America

(Redoubt News) The United States has been seeing this same devastation over the past half year disguised as “mostly peaceful protests”. The self described “Trained Marxists” of the BLM and their followers have wreaked havoc over law abiding citizens in the pursuit of the globalist agenda of ousting President Donald Trump and doing away with conservatism in favor of Communism.

Using a spontaneous event to agitate the liberal Socialists of the country to cause wanton destruction is an eerily similar tactic used by the Nazi’s in Germany to rid their country of European Jews, as well as millions of others, including Romani people, the intellectually disabled, dissidents and homosexuals.

The means they exploit to achieve their agenda is a lie. It is always a lie. They are using their mentor’s (the Nazi Party) tools as a way to fundamentally change this country.  (Read More)