Meanwhile, Two Conservative Oregon Counties Are SO OVER Blue State Life, They Just Voted to Join Idaho

(RedState) How tired are conservative, rural Oregonians of dictatorial leftist Gov. Kate Brown, Antifa-apologist Mayor Ted Wheeler and riot-torn Portland, and the whole “People’s Republic of Oregon” “progressive” mess? Tired enough to vote to become part of next-door Idaho.

As reported by Forbes, two conservative Oregon counties approved a non-binding ballot measure to “Move Oregon’s Borders” that will require county officials to hold meetings about the counties leaving the state to become part of their deep-red neighbor.

Advocates with “Move Oregon’s Border for a Greater Idaho” were able to get the measure on the ballot, according to Forbes, as part of a “peaceful revolution” for more conservative parts of the state to join Idaho, which was part of a long-shot movement to expand land-locked Idaho’s border to the Pacific Ocean, and annex most of Oregon as they do it.  (Read More)