Conservative Radio Legend Rush Limbaugh Passes Away, He Always Stood for Pro-Life Values

(LifeNews) Conservative radio legend Rush Limbaugh passed away on Wednesday morning. At the beginning of his radio program Wednesday, his wife announced that he had passed away from cancer at the age of 70.

Limbaugh was a solid conservative spokesman and often compared to President Ronald Reagan for his skill in sharing conservative values and standing on principles. That include the right to life — as Limbaugh consistently stood for pro-life values in supporting legal protection for unborn children.

Limbaugh was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer and, in December, after having a year to reflect on the things that are truly important to him, he shared a heart-tugging mesage with his listeners.

“I wasn’t expected to be alive today,” he said. “I wasn’t expected to make it to October, and then to November, and then to December. And yet, here I am, and today, got some problems, but I’m feeling pretty good today.”  (Read More)