French Officials Are Warning That American “Cancel Culture” and “Woke Leftism” Is a Threat to the Country

(RedState) The extreme leftist “woke” culture is a disease that has infected the country and French officials are now sounding the alarm that it must not infect France itself.

“Woke” culture is an ideology that breaks every interaction with anything on the planet down to the identity of the person interacting with it. For instance, it gave birth to the 1619 Project, which boils America down to nothing but its sin of slavery and claims that America really started when the first slave arrived in America in 1619, not upon the founding of the country in 1776. Like Nazism did with the Jewish people, wokeism teaches that white people are to blame for every problem under the sun and that in order to obtain true equality, they must be disadvantaged in various ways while other races must be given special treatment and benefits.

According to the Daily Mail, French officials see what’s happening in America and are making it clear that they need to be ideologically opposed to it…  (Read More)