GOP head honchos run oligarchy, keep conservative ideas at bay

(Idaho Freedom Foundation) The Idaho Legislature operates more or less as an oligarchy. Major policies are selected or shelved at the whim of an empowered few, usually behind closed doors. If those in charge don’t like your idea, or they want to protect a special interest group’s … special interest, the easiest path to victory is to keep a bill from seeing the light of day.

Consider two examples: For many years, Idahoans have rallied behind the idea of removing the sales tax on groceries. The Legislature voted in 2017 to repeal the tax, but the governor at the time vetoed the bill. Four years later, conservatives can’t even get the idea off the launchpad. Why? Because the chairman of the House Revenue and Taxation Committee, Steve Harris, won’t allow a bill to be introduced, even though it’s a concept he voted for four years ago.

Harris won’t say so, but it’s likely that he’s operating under orders from House Speaker Scott Bedke and Majority Leader Mike Moyle. They won’t grant the idea a modicum of daylight.  (Read More)