I’m Not A Powerful Person, But I Still Plan To Help Save America

(The Federalist) Like you, I have been stunned by the 2020 infringements on our liberty, concerned about political polarization resulting in living side-by-side in two different realities, burdened by ongoing Black Lives Matter-related rioting as well as the only non-leftist assault in the Capitol, and genuinely fearful of BigTech’s rampant censorship.

On Jan. 10, 49BC, Caesar crossed the Rubicon. It feels like this January, America has crossed it as well. Cultural totalitarianism is on the march, and this progressive army does not tolerate dissenters.

You’ve probably been asking yourself the same thing I have: “What can an ordinary dissenter like me do to save this republic?” My only answer is: “Anything I can to fortify myself and others.”  (Read More)