The Dangers of Today’s Cancel Culture

(Gem State Patriot News) As we enter an era of “Cancel Culture“, we see nothing new, only something renewed. When Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany wanted to wage war on England and the rest of the world, he began his march to World War One with a “cancel culture” movement. It was the systematic reconstruction of history and even moral principles of the people. He managed, through his staff, to change the mindset of the people to a point where they were ready to instigate the single most deadly war in the Earth’s history … World War One.

Not having learned from the first experience, Adolf Hitler managed a ‘cancel culture‘ even more extreme than that of the previous dictatorship under the Kaiser. His campaign was swift, enhanced by newer technologies and techniques than those enjoyed by the previous despot. Hitler’s ‘cancel culture‘ rewrote history and changed the very educational institutions from Kindergarten through University level.  (Read More)