Without the Right to Life, There Can be No Other Rights

(LifeNews) I am pro-life, because I believe that human life begins at conception; that all people are of immeasurable value in the eyes of God; and because the right to life is fundamental and unalienable: without the right to life there can be no other rights.

At the moment of conception, a unique and distinct human being is created in her mother’s womb. She has unique DNA from her mother; her hair color, eye color, and many personality traits are determined. A lot of people believe that life begins somewhere in between conception and birth, but they are just confusing themselves with terms like “fetus” and “zygote.” These terms are no different than toddler or teenager; they refer to stages of human development. Toddlers possess the same dignity as teenagers just as fetuses and zygotes possess the same dignity as any other human.  (Read More)