Backlash Intensifies Against Leftist “Cancel Culture”

(Redoubt News) Last week, we talked about the backlash against “cancel culture” that’s starting to happen around the country, as millions of Americans have finally just had enough. Today, I have more good news on that front, concerning the most dangerous manifestation of this poison, in the schools.

First, let’s all bow in homage to Parent Of The Year Andrew Gutmann. Mr. Gutmann is the parent of a 7th grader who until very recently attended an elite private all-girls’ school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, tuition –- brace yourself –- $54,000 a year. This school, Brearley, is so “woke” that families who send their kids there have to take an “anti-racism” pledge. Bari Weiss on Substack has a great write-up on this story.

Weiss starts with a reference to another story we’ve brought you, about a math teacher from another private Manhattan school, Grace Church High School, who can’t stand by watching his students being indoctrinated with the toxin of “anti-racism” –- Critical Race Theory –- as it’s being taught there.  (Read More)