How A California Mandate Could Violate Your First Amendment Rights

(Alliance Defending Freedom) Our public discourse is so fraught the people are censoring themselves because they’re scared of being punished for their beliefs. In fact, CATO Institute found that nearly two-thirds of Americans self-censor.

But it is one thing not to speak your mind because of what your peers or random people on the Internet might think about you or do to you because of it. It’s another thing if you’re scared into silence because of the government.

Unfortunately, Thomas More Law Center and its supporters have become familiar with both kinds of pressure.

TMLC is a nonprofit that defends and promotes religious freedom, moral and family values, and the sanctity of human life. Because TMLC speaks out on these controversial issues and publicly joins with others to promote them, TMLC’s supporters, clients, and employees become targets. They’ve already faced intimidation, death threats, hate mail, boycotts, and even an assassination plot from those who disagree with them.  (Read More)