The Coming Government Avalanche

(Redoubt News) The coming avalanche is churning with federal gun restrictions; forced vaccines;  immunization passes; forced mask mandates by corrupt courts, judges, city officials and hospitals; illegal aliens flooding our country; cozy China-Idaho relationships; critical race theory for pre-school kids; social justice; black lives matters and Antifa; higher taxes; corrupt elected officials; contact tracing; interagency data sharing; national and state spending; carbon credits; election fraud; and the list could continue on for many pages. Never in my life have I witnessed such broad sweeping changes to our Republic so quickly. The bitter carrot is big and shiny and disguised as covid relief.

I never tire of reminding citizens that elections have consequences because I am reminded every day the legislature is in session and the governor is in the Capitol!  The lack of strong Idaho-focused leadership is glaring.  (Read More)