What are they hiding? Leftist early ed group hid woke material shortly after vote on $6 million federal grant

(Idaho Freedom Foundation) For the first time ever, Idaho Legislators called out the Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children (IDAEYC) for attempting to traffic radical and divisive theories into homes, communities, and schools. The House also killed a bill that would’ve given IDAEYC a $6 million federal grant.

In response, the IDAEYC has repeatedly denied the accusation that they are attempting to indoctrinate and propagandize children and removed questionable links from its website. The truth is that IDAEYC has been infiltrating critical theory and the ideology of social justice into Idaho for many years.

The distortion begins in the IDAEYC’s Professional Development Institute page, where a link on anti-bias education was removed after the House vote.   (Read More)