Last Week of the 2021 Legislative Session

(Madison Liberty) Last week was the end of the 122-day 2021 legislative session, the longest in Idaho history. The session, which has been full of strong arguments, legislative proposals to advance liberty, and many to tear it down, ended with more of the same last Wednesday. Usually, at the end of the legislative session, the House and Senate both “Sine Die,” a Latin term that means to adjourn or conclude indefinitely. However, with the potential for Idaho to receive more federal American Rescue Plan Act funds (“COVID-19 relief”) during the remainder of 2021, the Idaho House of Representatives felt that they needed an alternative to the usual Sine Die process to be prepared to fulfill their role as the body constitutionally responsible for appropriations. With that in mind, the House sought to recess until a future time this year when they may need to return to address important issues.  (Read More)