Salt and Light: Why Christians Need to Engage in the Public Arena

(Standing For Freedom Center)“Let’s talk about politics…”

For many, that phrase garners groans, eye-rolls, and sparks of intense anger. Political discussions easily and often devolve into name-calling or fiery debates in which each side is seemingly competing for whose ego is stronger than granite. It’s been said that “politics is a nasty, dirty game.” But does it have to be?

Although that may be the design of the world, that is not the practice we as believers should follow. We are called to love our brothers and sisters in Christ —  regardless of our differences and disagreements.

As followers of Christ, we are called to live by the Matthew 5 exhortation to be “salt and light to the world.” If believers sit on the sidelines and refuse to get involved in the political process, then who will lead?  (Read More)