BSU law firm report is more media ploy than investigation into indoctrination

(Idaho Freedom Foundation) It should be obvious that Boise State University’s “independent” investigation into problems with the school’s mandatory racism and intolerance class known as University Foundations 200 was just a public relations ploy.

Launching the investigation got lawmakers temporarily off BSU’s back while the school’s budget was under review. Releasing a summary of the investigation’s findings last week was just clever enough for an inept state press corps to conclude that BSU is doing nothing relative to critical race theory and social justice indoctrination. In that regard, it was more than BSU President Marlene Tromp and her team could have hoped for.

Idahoans should remember that it was BSU that hired the Hawley Troxell law firm, which makes the school the firm’s client. There is, therefore, nothing independent about the firm’s review or its conclusions. No law firm is hired to conduct a review that would draw scrutiny for its client.  (Read More)