Pro-Abortion Left Sets Sights on Codifying Roe

(FRC) Democrats seem to have found a use for Congress again. After years of relying on the courts to do their dirty work, the far-Left has had to find other solutions after Donald Trump spent the last four years balancing U.S. benches. Now, suddenly, more liberals have seemed to awaken to the fact that there’s a legislative branch too, and they’re spilling all of their ink urging fellow abortion activists to use it. “The Supreme Court may toss Roe,” the Washington Post tries to comfort its Leftist readers. “But Congress can still preserve abortion…”

It’s an ironic twist from the last several decades when the Democratic Party turned to activist judges to change the governing policies of the nation they couldn’t rewrite democratically. Now, of course, they face an even steeper climb in 2021 — as the nation continues to become more and more pro-life.  (Read More)