The Attack has begun What will you do?

(Gem State Patriot) Not long ago I wrote about a new radio program on KIDO radio on Saturday mornings featuring two of my favorite RINOs, Tom “Common Core” Luna and Victor Miller. Unfortunately, I was right about this show it is a sham to promote any and all RINOs who will be running for office in next year’s primaries in our state. Yes, ladies and gentleman, this program was the prelude to the attack on any and all entities that might present a problem for any of these lobbyists sucking politicians who have had way too many years in our legislature.

The recent attack by Jim Jones and Fred Martin in articles presented by our favorite liberal rag the Idaho Statesman denigrating the Idaho Freedom Foundation were first rate garbage suitable for any dump you might want to drop them in. It seems only proper that we give them a little of their own medicine.  (Read More)