Eyewitness to Seattle’s decay: This is goal of Far Left

(OneNewsNow) The tech-savvy, hipster city of Seattle has turned into a Third World dump of drug use, rampant crime, and an exploding homeless population, but a local radio host says the city’s slide toward destruction is not a mistake — it’s the cure.

“The end game here seems to be to destroy capitalism,” Ari Hoffman says of his adopted city, “and if you destroy capitalism, you end up with socialism.”

If taxpayers and businesses qualify as capitalism, then both are on the decline. In a March story, The Seattle Times looked at 2020 change-of-address requests to the U.S. Postal Service to measure families leaving. Those figures showed 69,432 families moving out in 2020, a potential drop of 7% in just a year.  (Read More)