Reports: Taliban is finding and killing Christians in Afghanistan using hit lists and by checking phones for Bible apps

(Standing For Freedom Center) The Taliban hates Christians and now that the brutal fundamentalist Islamic regime has retaken Afghanistan, they are targeting and pursuing known Christians and also going door to door and killing anyone who has any Christian material on their mobile device, according to Frontier Alliance International (FAI) which has sources on the ground.

“The U.S. Embassy is defunct and there is no longer a safe place for believers to take refuge,” the FAI explained in a statement, noting that the borders are also closed. “People are fleeing into the mountains looking for asylum. They are fully reliant on God, who is the only One who can and will protect them.”

The non-profit, which is partnered with an underground church in Afghanistan, explained that the Taliban has a hit list of Christians that they intend to kill. They are now going door to door to identify those Christians and also searching people’s phones for Bible apps or other Christian messaging or information. If they find that evidence, they immediately kill the person. According to sources, the Taliban have also sent letters and messages to Christian house churches “warning them that they know where they are and what they are doing.”  (Read More)