Theft Of Your Child’s Emotional Well-Being

(Redoubt News) In Idaho, attempts to integrate social-emotional learning (SEL) into the educational system have been made, and continues to be a priority for Sherri Ybarra, Idaho State Superintendent of Public Education.

SEL goes far beyond just helping a student feel good about themselves or getting along with other kids.  It also includes teaching collective goals which can be applied across different cultures.  Other attributes of SEL include teaching emotional self-regulation, relationship skills, decision making, addressing inequity, self-awareness, impulse control…well, these are just a few that touch the surface of what is really SEL psychological manipulation.  Across the internet there are multiple SEL definitions.

Jane Robbins is a respected attorney and author who has followed not only the U.S. educational system, but SEL as well.  In 2019 she wrote about the dangers of technology having the capability to psychologically assess children in several ways.  What may have seemed a laughable conspiracy then, is happening now.  SEL psychological manipulation is a form of child abuse that can take many years to overcome, if ever.  (Read More)