Conservative mom in Idaho trashes critical race theory and its peddlers

(Idaho Freedom Foundation) I am here to let everyone know, especially those who are perpetuating the lie that I am oppressed, I am here to let them know that I can speak for myself, that I can walk. I can talk, I can read, I can swim.

We are not all the same. I also want to let everyone know that we are also very capable of inventing. That blacks can build. That we can become Supreme Court justices. That we can lead armies. That we can break Olympic world records. That we can become NASA mathematicians and we can become pivotal to sending the first Americans [and] astronauts into space. That we can also become the President of the United States for two terms.

That’s what blacks can do, and we are not oppressed.

We can do all of this because we live in an incredible country. America that offers us limitless possibilities for all people who are willing to dream and work hard.  (Read More)