In God We Trust

(Gem State Patriot) I was inspired by a sermon at church last week and it is very appropriate for what is happening in our world today. Psalm 146 is about putting our trust in the proper place and not in princes who in today’s world would be considered those who we have elected to positions of power. The promise of justice from God seems timely and needed in today’s world, especially when we see so much corruption. We have princes of every kind who are asking us to put our trust in them. They come in the form of Mayors, Governors, Senators, Congressman, learned medical Gurus of every kind and even the President.

The question is have these princes who we have put into high office and entrusted to make decisions in our lives actually earned our trust? I would contend that the jury is still out and from what we have seen thus far our princes are not necessarily working for the best interests of the people. In many cases there appears to be a good many ulterior motives and large amounts of corruption behind their actions. Why is it that so many of us now put our faith in these princes instead of God who redeems the otherwise hopeless situations.  (Read More)