Is Newsom in trouble? Mad media suggests he is

(American Family News) Citing neck-and-neck poll numbers, even liberal CNN is reporting Democrats are worried Gov. Gavin Newsom may indeed be recalled Sept. 14. What should be a “Republican fantasy” after Newsom won office by 24 points in 2018, the story says, is becoming a “very real possibility” in the state.

According to polling firm FiveThirtyEight, the polling average as of Sept. 1 shows 51% favor keeping Newsom and 45% want to remove him from office. Even with those poll numbers favoring Newsom, current frontrunner Larry Elder is coming under intense, media-driven scrutiny as Election Day nears.

“The liberals are scared,” Jesse Lee Peterson, who leads L.A.-based BOND, says. “They’re afraid because they’re coming out of the woodwork trying to stop Larry.”  (Read More)