Rogue county defies Supreme Court by continuing to harass and fine Calvary Chapel San Jose over COVID orders

(Standing For Freedom Center) The state of California has already had to pay millions of dollars to churches for state and county governments’ assault on religious freedom as a result of their unconstitutional COVID-19 restrictions, yet one county government continues its attacks on Calvary Chapel San Jose.

Santa Clara County officials are continuing to press forward with its demand that Calvary Chapel pay $2.8 million in fines for violating its health orders — despite the fact that the Supreme Court has since ruled on five separate occasions that governments cannot treat churches more harshly than businesses or other gatherings — even during a public health emergency.

This unequal treatment was objectively practiced by Santa Clara County. In just one example, county officials encouraged mass protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death, yet only allowed Calvary Chapel (and other churches) to have 100 attendees in their cars outside for worship services, or 25 attendees if they were outside of their cars.  (Read More)