Adam Carolla: Here’s the Real Reason Kids Were Forced to Mask in Schools

(PJ Media) According to comedian Adam Carolla, the reason kids were forced to mask in schools for two years had nothing to do with protecting them from COVID-19, but actually with making them “good subjects.”

57-year-old Carolla shared his theory on Tuesday during an appearance on Megyn Kelly’s SiriusXM podcast, after he was asked to give his thoughts regarding the continued push to mask kids in the Los Angeles Unified School District despite all the data showing kids aren’t at risk from COVID.

“Why? Why the kids, and why the emphasis on the kids? This hasn’t been dangerous for kids. We’ve known this. This kills sick people, old people, obese people, comorbidity people. It doesn’t ostensibly affect kids; they’re in the safest category,” Carolla pointed out.

Carolla believes it had nothing to do with the virus and instead likened it to crate training — though Carolla argues there’s something sinister about the prolonged masking of kids because “there is no science to what they are doing.”  (Read More)