Christian University Bans Professor From Campus For Critiquing Its Dive Into ‘Equity’ And ‘Inclusion’

(The Federalist) A professor was locked out of his classes and email account without warning in apparent retaliation for criticizing his Christian university’s use of “diversity” and “equity” as criteria for selecting its new president, he and several witnesses told The Federalist.

The Rev. Dr. Greg Schulz was immediately and indefinitely suspended from his classes at Concordia University Wisconsin and banned from campus by interim college President William Cario on Feb. 18, a Friday. That was not formally conveyed to Schulz, however, until his lawyer obtained the suspension letter on Feb. 22, Schulz’s Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty attorney Dan Lennington told The Federalist.

“They told him to ‘recant’ in a memo that they never gave him,” Lennington said in a phone call. Lennington also noted his public interest law firm, which won a high-profile 2016 academic freedom case in Wisconsin’s Supreme Court, has “never heard of something like this” swift ejection of a professor from campus for publicly expressing his views.  (Read More)