Disney to DeSantis: Let It Go

(Family Research Council) If you want to know what a small world it really is at Disney, ask CEO Bob Chapek. The head of the happiest place on earth hasn’t had a magical 72 hours after his decision to stay out of Florida’s debate over sex education blew up in the company’s face. Chapek, who tried to lay low on a bill to keep transgender talk out of K-3 classrooms, found out pretty quickly that when it comes to LGBT issues at Disney, things get, well — animated.

As head of Florida’s most popular tourist destination, Chapek had been under intense pressure to speak out against H.B. 1557, the popular Parental Rights in Education bill. For weeks, the legislation has been the center of the media’s attention, since it represents one of the most brazen pushbacks to the Left’s indoctrination in schools. Although the word “gay” is never mentioned in the bill’s text, LGBT extremists — in a desperate effort to derail the legislation — dubbed it the “Don’t Say Gay Bill.” In the end, though, even the Left’s misinformation campaign failed to make a dent, and the legislation — propelled by tens of thousands of parents across the state — sailed through both chambers.  (Read More)