Infant Messaging: Dems’ Abortion Bill Shows First Priorities

(Family Research Council) For the men and women milling about the Senate floor, it was a surreal moment. They’d been back in session barely two hours — the first time, many will point out, since Vladimir Putin unleashed his war against the West. But instead of joining the rest of the world in racing to stop the threat against Europe, Democrats had other priorities: the spilling of innocent blood here at home. For the president’s party, the timing of their unlimited abortion bill vote will be another thing Americans won’t forget this November. It was a disturbing snapshot of the Left’s leadership team, who made one of the first orders of business after Russia invaded Ukraine advancing their own war on the unborn.

Senator Roger Marshall (R-Kans.), who’s delivered more than 5,000 babies in his Kansas practice, couldn’t talk about it without getting emotional. “I can’t believe it myself, but at a time when Vladimir Putin is murdering Ukrainians, my Democrat colleagues want to murder more unborn Americans for any reason up until the baby takes its first breath. Can you imagine that — up until the baby takes its first breath? … It’s just unthinkable.  (Read More)