Religious liberty in America needs revival

(Standing For Freedom Center) A recent survey shows that Americans no longer place much importance on religious liberty. The survey, conducted by the Freedom Forum, showed that only 14 percent of Americans consider religious freedom to be the most important freedom. In addition, 37 percent said that religious business owners should be required to comply with requests that violate their religious beliefs. Only 68 percent said the First Amendment should not be changed and just 63 percent said they would ratify it today.

The survey tracks with other polls that reflect Americans’ views on this pivotal liberty.

The Becket Fund found that Americans have inconsistent views on religious liberty. Over 61 percent said that it is absolutely essential that people be allowed to choose their religion, while 24 percent say it is somewhat important. Yet only 26 percent said it was absolutely essential that people be able to practice their religion even if it inconveniences others, with 36 percent saying it was somewhat important.  (Read More)