Surprise: Oregon Officials Push CRT-Style Racialism…For Kindergarteners

(Townhall) Whenever “Critical Race Theory” – which is both a specific pedagogical strain and an umbrella term for racialized indoctrination in schools – arises as an issue, many on the left insist that it’s an invented right-wing scare tactic. Some even claim, as failed gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe repeatedly did in Virginia, that parents concerned about the broad phenomenon of CRT are themselves engaged in racism. These denials and deflections are easily refuted through reams of documented evidence. CRT and toxic CRT-adjacent inculcation is being introduced and taught in public schools across much of the country. Some so-called progressives toggle back and forth between denying the existence of CRT and celebrating the essential nature of CRT. One example I often cite is this explicit, public boasting by the superintendent of a large school system in a major American city: