The Ind. of The Road for Girls’ Sports?

(Family Research Council) It doesn’t take a whole lot of moral courage to protect girls’ sports in the middle of a nationwide controversy. But apparently, it takes a lot more than Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb (R) has. In a move that defies logic, timing, politics, and state values, the man heading up one of the biggest fan bases in America wants people who just watched Lia Thomas to believe: transgenderism isn’t hurting anyone.

It should’ve been the easiest decision crossing Holcomb’s desk. Not only had the country just witnessed the greatest NCAA larceny in the history of women’s sports, but Americans everywhere were outraged. Forty-eight hours earlier, a biological man had stolen the titles and racing lanes of actual women who had trained their entire collegiate careers for a crack at a national title. Unlike other leaders, the Indiana governor had an opportunity to do something about the outcry in real time: sign an enormously popular bill banning boys from Indiana’s K-12 girls’ sports. He refused.

In a letter to Indiana House Speaker Todd Huston (R) announcing his veto, Holcomb claimed that there’s no “problem” in Indiana. Incredibly, he argued that signing the bill would imply that the goals of “consistency and fairness” are not being met.  (Read More)