Transgenderism Has a Science Problem

(Family Research Council) In the fight over transgender treatments for kids, everyone from President Joe Biden to national medical organizations are defending these life-altering therapies as “necessary.” Just this week, a court reinstated its temporary ban on Texas’s protections for children, arguing that they could cause “imminent and irreparable harm.” Even the state’s Leftist medical association is throwing its support behind drugs and therapies that can destroy a young person’s body, insisting that it’s “developmentally appropriate care.” Other doctors and experts argue that laws putting a pause on gender transition are supported by basic scientific facts. Who’s telling the truth?

Sadly, when it comes to this issue, ideology is driving science more than science is driving itself. Statements like that of the White House avoid the facts about gender transition for children and instead employ a communications campaign fraught with hyperbole, misinformation, and inadequate research that is more emblematic of a bait-and-switch tactic rather than the gold standard of scientific inquiry. What are we to think of all this?  (Read More)