Turning Regret into Empowerment: The Detrans Stories

(Family Research Council) “It’s in the schools. It’s online. It’s in cartoons and media. It’s in the medical system. There is a coordinated attack on our children… And I would just say, you just cannot be too careful.” –Brenton Netz, father of a gender-indoctrinated son

He said that he’s the only adult in his son’s life who is not affirming his “delusion.” For Brenton Netz, dad of Miles, that’s meant a painful last two years. “[T]he schools are calling him Miley. … Everybody in the medical establishment treats him as a girl, calls him Miley,” he explained. “If anybody met my son, within the first five minutes, you would realize that… he’s incapable of coming to those conclusions.” And yet, Netz warned, “If they can do it to my son, they can do it to any child.”

For parents like Brenton, this past weekend’s Detrans Awareness Day hits especially close to home. At 12, Miles hasn’t undergone any radical gender surgeries or taken the dangerous cross-sex hormones, but that’s only because Netz won a court order to keep therapists from taking him further down this destructive path with “gender-affirming” treatment.  (Read More)