Watch What Happens When a Mother at a School Board Meeting Tries to Read Explicit Content Served Up to Students

(PJ Media) In 2020, Cherokee County, Ga., voted for President Trump by a margin of nearly +30. It is full of families where men do the muscular jobs and own businesses that keep the lights on, the internet humming, and the toilets flushing. It has also seen a steady influx of white-collar professionals with young families fleeing the chaos leaching out of Atlanta. Residents fly American flags in the county as a matter of course.

There are more churches than bars, and high school football on Friday nights is still a thing. Yet viral video of a Cherokee County mom has surfaced. Many people who live there would be shocked to learn that the video below came from their local school board’s March 17 meeting. The parent alerted school board members to explicit content from a book available to students called Homegoing and got cut off by one of the members.  (Read More)