Idaho Needs New Obscenity Laws for a More Obscene World

(Action Idaho) Conservatives have flailed in reaction to incidents in Coeur d’Alene the past week. They do not know how to react to the obscenity and indecency on display at the pride event. Nor do they know what to think of the so-called rioters or the authorities that arrested them. There are important lessons for the future of conservatism in Idaho in both episodes. Today we focus on the obscenity problem.

Idaho’s obscenity laws were written in 1972, when porn videos were hard to get and when there was no internet. Playboy was in business. There was then no real gay liberation movement, nor any trans movement. Television was more wholesome. No one knew anything about internet pornography addiction or about the effects porn has on male eros and ambition.

The obscenity has changed, but Idaho’s laws have mostly stayed the same.  (Read More)