Planned Parenthood Closes Boise, Idaho Abortion Business That Killed Babies for 15 Years

(Life News) Another Planned Parenthood abortion business has closed, this time in Boise, Idaho.

Last month, America’s biggest abortion company announced plans to close five facilities in Vermont and New Hampshire on June 12, citing staffing problems and politics. Following that announcement, Planned Parenthood indicated it would close five abortion centers in Indiana, Idaho and Alaska.

The stunning news that Idaho Planned Parenthood has shut the doors on its flagship abortion center on State Street in Idaho’s largest city confirms it is one of the five abortion centers it intended to close.

As one news report indicates:

The Boise Planned Parenthood, which was located at 3668 N. Harbor Lane off of State Street, closed June 1. The property was listed for sale through Keller Williams Commercial for $999,000. A sign on the former clinic’s door directs patients to Meridian or Twin Falls.  (Read More)