Pro-Abortion Terrorist Group Threatens More Terrorism Against Pro-Life Organizations

(RedState) A pro-abortion extremist outfit called “Janes Revenge” has issued a new threat against pro-life organizations. After claiming credit for a series of attacks against pregnancy crisis centers and other such groups, it appears they plan to escalate as the FBI is investigating the group’s activities.

On Tuesday, Jane’s Revenge published a new letter declaring “open season” on organizations that oppose abortion and referenced a 30-day deadline it had previously set for these groups to halt their operations. The terrorist group castigated volunteers “who impersonate healthcare providers in order to harm the vulnerable.”

“We were unsurprised to see thirty days come and thirty days pass with no sign of consilience or even bare-minimum self-reflection from you,” the author of the letter wrote. “History may not repeat itself, but it certainly rhymes, and we’ve already seen such stanzas where medical autonomy is stripped away, humanity is increasingly criminalized, and merely surviving becomes largely untenable.”

The extremist group then cautioned “your thirty days expired yesterday” and said they “offered an honourable way out.”

“You could have walked away,” the letter continued. “You could have walked away. Now the leash is off.”  (Read More)