Avoiding the Approaching American Catastrophe

(Daily Signal) …elements on both sides see their political opponents more as evil than as wrong. That’s the true danger for America.

This distinction is best illustrated by comments last week about conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas by two of the left’s biggest stars: Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and former first lady Hillary Clinton.

[…]Sotomayor and Clinton are both on the polar-opposite side of the political spectrum from Thomas. Nobody would accuse either Clinton or Sotomayor of “selling out” or not standing up for what they believe in.

But the difference in attitude between the two is the difference between a continually evolving American experiment and potential civil war.

Sotomayor acknowledges that someone she disagrees with can be a good person. She befriends him because of it. Clinton sees Thomas as an angry black man, a “person of resentment and grievance.” Too many Americans share Clinton’s attitude these days, and not enough Sotomayor’s. If that posture does not change, the country is headed for disaster.  (Read More)