People are waking up to the reality of gender

(Washington Examiner) Is woke gender ideology taking hold in the United States?

Liberals continue to push it, but the people have become less accepting of this progressive dogma in recent years. The public is more likely to support the biological perspective of sex and gender than the alternative.

It’s a positive sign. Hopefully, the trend continues.

A Pew Research poll conducted in May found that 60% of Americans think that one’s biological sex, which the poll calls “sex assigned at birth,” determines one’s gender. Pew’s phrasing is poor, because that should say biological sex or sex observed at birth. Regardless, just 38% of respondents said, “Whether a person is a man or a woman can be different from sex assigned at birth.”

That’s a 22-point gap between those who are right and those who are wrong on the issue of whether biological sex matters. Over the past five years, people have gotten better. In September 2017, there was only a 10-point gap on this issue: 54% said that “sex assigned at birth” determined whether someone is a man or a woman, and 44% said that it can be different. Last year, the split was slightly better, at 56% to 41%. Now, even more people are waking up to reality.  (Read More)