Rethinking Your Relationship with the Church

(Washington Stand) Millions of Americans believe you cannot automatically trust the federal government to do what is in your best interests. But there may be no better sign of just how crazy these times are than to realize that you cannot trust the pastors of Christian churches to consistently provide biblical guidance on basic life matters. Yet, that’s exactly what was revealed by the most recent wave of the American Worldview Inventory, the national worldview assessment survey annually conducted by the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University. That wave of the research asked a nationally representative sample of 1,000 Christian pastors about their beliefs and related behavior — and the results are astonishing, heartbreaking, scary, and cautionary.

According to the research, slightly more than one out of every three pastors of Christian churches (37%) possesses a biblical worldview — i.e., adoption of the basic scriptural principles and teachings that form the filter through which we experience, interpret, and respond to the world.  (Read More)