Yes, Pro-lifers DO Care About Babies After They’re Born

(Standing For Freedom Center) Despite what you might hear from pro-choicers, pro-life advocates actually do care about mothers and their babies — before and after they are born. In fact, it’s pro-life advocates who donate their time, money, and energy to support women while pregnant and postpartum. It’s pro-life advocates who organize, build relationships with, and invest in expecting women. It’s pro-life advocates who share the same concerns and compassion for parents struggling with childcare and working full-time, affording medical bills, and cutting through the red tape to adopt.

There are actually many pro-life organizations who solve a lot of these problems and more for expecting women. It’s not the pro-abort crowd taking the shirts off their backs to bring aid to expecting mothers and their babies. It’s Christians, conservatives, and pro-life groups rallying together to encourage and empower women to give their baby a chance at life.  (Read More)