‘Cut-and-pasted boilerplate’: Detransitioner sues providers for approving ‘unnecessary’ mastectomy

(Just the News) A young woman who regretted her gender transition helped shut down the U.K.’s central provider of pediatric “gender affirming care” this summer through litigation that prompted more scrutiny of the National Health Service-run Tavistock clinic.

An older American detransitioner is following Keira Bell’s lead, suing mental health professionals for allegedly rushed, sloppy and categorically false evaluations that authorized her for a taxpayer-funded double mastectomy despite the red flags she presented on mental health.

Though she’s not a minor, Camille Kiefel’s lawsuit could make providers think twice about treating gender dysphoria in youth with puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, as well as surgical removal of healthy breasts and genitals for all ages.

The gender-critical Women’s Liberation Front is sponsoring Kiefel’s lawsuit. Filed in Oregon’s Multnomah County Circuit Court, it alleges malpractice, fraud and intentional infliction of emotional distress.  (Read More)