Divided We Fall: The Pro-Life Movement Is Reaping the Fruit of Decades of Compromise

(Standing For Freedom Center) Pro-life ballot measures took a beating at the voting booth last Tuesday. Pro-abortion measures, however, rode a Molech-worshipping wave to victory. It was a disappointing and disheartening outcome, to say the least. To say the most, it shows how dearly so many in our nation love death.

In an article summarizing the various initiatives, and their respective outcomes, the Freedom Center noted that “Including the defeat in Kansas earlier this year, the pro-life cause has failed in six ballot amendments since Roe v. Wade was overturned.” Not good.

The five different abortion-related measures that were set forth for a vote last week ran the gamut in terms of their goals, both for good and evil.

California’s Proposition 1 enshrined the “fundamental right to choose to have an abortion” in the state’s constitution; it also left out any restrictions related to “viability,” which means abortion is now legal up until the moment of birth in the Golden State.

There was little chance of defeating such a barbaric amendment in the progressive stronghold of the Left Coast. Still, it should shock decent Americans everywhere, and Christians doubly so, that such evil (abortion through all nine months of pregnancy) has officially been declared “good” in one of the states of our great union.

The prophet Isaiah was right to call down “woe” upon such people who call evil good (Isaiah 5:20) and to warn that a fiery judgment will be their final end…  (Read More)