Balenciaga and the Soft Rise of Pedophilia

(Washington Stand) Despite the constantly shifting sands of the culture war, one could hope that there is still moral territory where common ground between conservatives and liberals can be found; namely, protecting children from the likes of pedophiles and child sexual abuse material (CSAM) producers. If the lack of shared public concern about harbingers of pedophilia is any indication, however, the complete moral desolation of western society may have already arrived on our doorstep.

A recent high-profile instance of mainstream pedophilia propaganda has appeared in two ad campaigns from the luxury fashion brand Balenciaga. In one disturbing campaign, the brand photographed gloomy-looking children holding stuffed animals dressed in BDSM gear, surrounded by alcohol and items associated with violent sexual fetishes. In the second campaign, an office-themed set included documents from the United States v. Williams Supreme Court case, which centered on CSAM.

[…]In its frantic scramble to avoid condemnation, Balenciaga has admitted that the content featured in its ad campaigns was highly disturbing; mainstream media outlets, however, appear hellbent on defending both the luxury brand and the pedophilic content. Popular fashion magazine Elle marveled at how, “anything that comes even close to sexualising children — which clearly wasn’t the intention here, and arguably wasn’t the final product — invites loud, impassioned, and endless backlash.”  (Read More)